Contractor Access

The Contractor Portal addresses the hassle of arranging access for contractors working on your property. When a contractor calls the Rently system, we match their phone number with your preset list. Usually a contractor will visit a vacancy several times before you start showing your vacancy. Using Rently's phone system, each entry will be facilitated by a one-time code provided over the phone. Activity is logged in the system for your record and you'll be able to make sure maintenance is progressing as planned.

Renter Access

The Renter Portal acts as a CRM for prospects. From vacancy showing through lease, you'll be able to monitor all activity and communications. The portal contains the time and date of each visit and also stores voicemails in association with each vacancy. As the renter goes through the leasing process, you can always update your notes to easily manage your communications with multiple prospective tenants. From showing to lease, Rently makes the process seamless.

         See how Rently's Controlled and Automated Showing feature will benefit you!


Usually a leasing agent would have to get in the car once you have a qualified renter. Rently's Controlled Showing feature greatly reduces the need for driving in your property management organization.

Prospective renters usually call to ask two things - questions about the vacancy and scheduling appointments to see it. Answering questions over the phone works great, but showing the vacancy is time consuming and cumbersome. Rently's Controlled Showing feature is designed to address this problem. Instead of scheduling appointments, your time answering the phone will be spent vetting renters and providing controlled access.

The Controlled Showing feature is safe because:

You vet the renter over phone before providing access.
You record the renter's name and contact information into the visitor portal.
You may optionally place the renter's credit card on file.
The access code can be used only once and it expires within one day after it is issued.


Our statistics shows prospects usually look for rentals either after work or on weekends. This puts a lot of demand on the work schedule of a property manager. This is why we created the Automated Showing feature.

In the event you are not able to pick up calls, a prospective renter with a smart phone will be guided through an automated vacancy showing process. They can view the property before they speak with you. By the time the renter calls you, you know they are serious and have already viewed the property.

The Automated Showing feature is safe because:

The renter gets step by step prompts to check-in and check-out of the showing.
We monitor all Automated Showings to make sure renters are checked out.
Renter's credit information is stored on file and $0.99 viewing fee is charged to vet out lookie loos.
Location based verification to ensure access code is issued only when the renter is physically at property.



Chris Turner Broker-in-charge, Turner Properties

Since signing up with Rently we have been able to increase our number of leases signed and expand our service area into markets where we would have previously turned down because of distance. Also we have increased our online marketing because Rently syncs our listings with the top internet rental sites. Our staff and agents love using Rently!

Damon Stratton Co-Owner/Broker at Brewer & Stratton Property Management LLC

We have been thrilled with Rently! Our owners feel like we are watching over their homes with much more security, and as a result, we sleep better at night knowing who is actually going into our homes. We couldn't be happier! We have seen an increase in showings given the fact that most people are looking for homes to rent on weekends or weeknights after our office is closed. With out rently we wouldn’t be able to facilitate the showings to the degree we are able to with rently.

Robert J. Bundrick Metropolitan Real Estate LLC

Rently has been essential to the progression of our leasing department and we would now be lost without it. It has made us more efficient and more profitable which is why we are stunned that more people are not using them! Either way, we will enjoy the competitive advantage until the rest of the industry realizes what they have been missing all this time!

Matthew Whitaker Principal,

We first tried Rently's lockbox system with 4 lockboxes in 2012. We were immidiately pleased with the results and ordered 6 more boxes, with current plans to purchase more when needed. It is my opinion that Rently's technology is the future of our leasing industry. They save time and money and help collect leasing metrics our owners desire. I highly reccomend his work and the Rently brand!
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